The Trustees Record Their Thanks

Record Their Thanks (unknown newspaper) dated in ink 1898
The Norwood Public Library Trustees Express their Appreciation for the Gift of the Morrill Library
The Board of Trustees of the Public Library of the Town of Norwood desire to give a permanent place upon their records as to this express of their appreciation of the new library building presented by Mr. and Mrs. George H. Morrill, to perpetuate the memory of their daughter, Sarah B. Morrill, and the generous and munificent spirit of the donors.
There is no public need in any department of the Town of Norwood which, till the present moment, has been more pressing than that of proper accommodation for the collection of books under our charge, and a reading-room to be used in connection with the same; and it is cause for great congratulation to the town that we should at this time by this gift be provided with spacious apartments for the former use, and, in addition, a convenient and desirable place in which the people of the town may resort to make acquaintance with current periodicals, as well as the resources of literature in general. For ninety-eight years, during which our library has been established and serving the interests of this community, it has been without permanent home, and we may not expect that the slow growth and limited service of the past may be stimulated and enabled to attain a position commensurate with the needs and character of the town.
For all the benefits, direct, and indirect, received from the Morrill Memorial Library building we shall be deeply indebted to the givers, and our sense of obligation is increased by the rich and costly perfection of its appointments.
We add to our sincere thanks our pledge that the library shall be administered in a spirit of harmony with the purpose of the gift, and such as sill be fitting in connection with such a memorial.
John C. Lane
Irving S. Fogg
Maria E. Colburn
Martha B. Parker
J. Stearns Cushing
Lewis H. Plimpton